January 29, 2009

Here’s a photo I dug up from my first semester portfolio.. I left most the dust in .. I kinda like the rustic look.mole_smash1


greenhill_tearsheet1This week in advertising photography …. we were given from 10am-12pm to research i magazines on campus and choose one ad to emulate in studio. The catch was… we had to be finished with the photo/editing process by 3 am for turn-in and critique. I spent a good portion of my time styling the first bowl of soup I chose… but I soon found out that soup concentrate doesn’t really look like real soup 😦 So with 30 minutes left I had to whip up some new soup and Vwala !!! Here is the train wreck I had to turn-in by 3pm.

It was a fun exercise, even if I wasn’t thrilled with the final result. After all, the assignment was supposed to help us understand whats doable … or not.. in a half-days work.

Welcome Back

January 15, 2009

Welcome Back Gang to our “final” semester at RCC 🙂 I’d love to post another photo with this post but James hasn’t put his folder up on the server, therefore, he’s the only person with my newest images of Adam Sikora… for those who need their Sikora fix… fear not … the pics are on their way. Next week.

Client #1 Fall Semester 09

January 15, 2009

Here is the first of the last assignments I’ll have at RCC 🙂